zondag 4 maart 2012

freestyle zentangle 186...

186. 4-3-2012

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  1. So Yvonne, as my dutch is a bit crap ;), how come you have chosen to make zentangles?I find them interesting and quirky but what do they mean to you?

  2. Well Branka, my English is not that good either ;-P but I give it a try, I have drawn this kind of black and white drawings in the past and one day I discoverd on the internet that it had a name!, so I called it zentangle, because I could completely identify with the explanation; tangle for drawing and zen for the state your in when you draw them. Till I found out, a bit later, that they mean a lot of patterns and have "rules" that´s not what I want,so I changed that in freestyle zentangles.
    They mean a lot of fun to me, an art to express myself on a totally different level. I sit down and let my mind do the work, and my hand of course ;-)
    I chose for freestyle zentangles as a daily project because it fits to the things I already do, it keeps the balance.
    It makes me feel good, although its difficult after almost 200 days of drawing.... :-)